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1-2 months*

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1 star - I want to chuck this book in a black hole
2 stars - The book was a minor inconvenience, like space debris
3 stars - I feel lukewarm about the book, like the Sun in winter
4 stars - I really enjoyed it, like watching a meteor shower
5 stars - I want to broadcast my love for this book through all eternity

  • If you don’t hear from me for more than 2 months, please accept my sincere apologies and regrets for not accepting your book for review and do not spam me with follow-up emails
  • I may take more than 3 months to read the review copy provided and will let you know via email in case of such delay
  • If I’m going to rate the book provided by you less than 3 stars, I will be conveying the same via email before posting a review to let you decide whether you wish for it to be published on the blog or not




  • If a review contains spoilers, it will be included with appropriate tags
  • Once I have completed a book review, I do not sell, share or otherwise give away copies that I have obtained
  • I am willing to host author interviews, guest posts and giveaways on the blog, but please request for it separately in For Authors page

Points to Remember

  1. Please do not interfere in the content of the review
  2. Please do not disclose information such as my email or shipping address to others without my explicit permission
  3. Please do not put me on your email list unless I explicitly consent to it
  4. Please do not assume that I will be interested in or have the time to review other books published by the same author or in the same genre and send a separate request for each
  5. Please do not ask for personal favours