July 2020 Wrap-Up: The Seesaw Effect

July Reading and Blogging 2020 Wrap-Up - Novels and Nebulas

July was a month of highs and lows, of idle days spent staring at the pouring rain while listening to an audiobook and frantic work as the clock marched towards midnight. I had a pretty good reading month even though I fell into a slump midway. Self-care took a severe hit and I’m ending the month an exhausted mess. However, my adherence to my blogging schedule, stats and engagement has climbed since June, which is a big reason to celebrate. Let me tell you all about it in my July 2020 wrap-up!


July 2020 Read Books (1)

I finished 8 books this month and rated all of them 4 stars or above. I also successfully completed my Goodreads challenge for the year and my current tally is 54/50 books! I had grand plans for almost 4 readathons but ended up seriously reading only for Indian Lit Readathon (which ends on Sunday, so I still have time). I re-read a favourite, finished the ARC of my most anticipated sequel (the source of my slump) and finally read from authors I’d been meaning to since ages (Zen Cho and Aliette de Bodard). I wanted to sneak in my August ARCs towards the end but I ran out of time.

July 2020 Read Books (2)

July 2020 Reading Stats Wrap-Up

Books read: 8

Average rating: 4.6 stars

Pages read: 2,187

July 2020 Reading Stats 1

Favourite of the month: The Burning God by R. F. Kuang

July 2020 Reading Stats 2

SARC 2020: 2

YARC 2020: 5

StartOnYourShelfathon: 0

July 2020 Reading Stats 3


I posted almost all of the planned content this month and I’m quite proud of it because I had to push myself to get everything done. The stats have come alive again since dipping in June because my consistency has improved. I was also kindly nominated by Charvi @ Not Just Fiction, Krisha @ Bookathon and Lori @ The Reading Fairy for the 4th Annual Book Blogger Awards, for which I’m very thankful! It’s always such a boost to see the impact of my words and the support I get from the lovely community of book bloggers. I’ve got some exciting stuff coming this August and I really hope everything goes according to plan at least next month.

July 2020 Novels and Nebulas Wrap-Up

Posts: 9

Views: 950+

Likes: 150+

July 2020 Blog Stats 1

Most popular post: 10 Best Fantasy Book Covers (Jul-Dec 2020)

July 2020 Blog Stats 2

Underrated post: Top 10 Exciting SFF Releases of July 2020

July 2020 Favourite Posts Wrap-Up


SARC’s hiatus continued into July but we’re planning a lot of fun content for August. For Stars and Sorcery, we read The Sword of Kaigen by M. L. Wang, which one of the readers enthusiastically loved. I unfortunately couldn’t finish the book on time but I’m hoping to finish it in August. The book club is taking a break in August because I really need a breather and wanted to lighten the load on my shoulders a bit. However, I will be using the break to reflect on everything that’s happened and come back with some improvements in September.

Stars and Sorcery July 2020 Wrap-Up

Read by: 2 members

Average rating: 5 stars

July 2020 Stars and Sorcery BOTM

August 2020 BOTM: Free choice

How did you fare in July 2020? What was your favourite book of the month? Did you take part in any readathons or planning to in August? Let me know in the comments section down below. Have a stellar weekend, readers from Earth!

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July Reading and Blogging 2020 Wrap-Up - Novels and Nebulas

12 thoughts on “July 2020 Wrap-Up: The Seesaw Effect”

  1. Love that every book you read last month was over 4 stars! Also psst, I nominated you for the Book Blogger Awards too (albeit secretly oops).

  2. ah, it’s so great that your stats have improved–you deserve it! also i’m so jealous that you got to read the burning god early :(((( i sent an email to the publisher asking for an e-arc, and they just ignored me 😭 i NEED to know why it’s so painful

    1. Thank you, Caitlin! 💖 It’s a travesty that you couldn’t join the social media tour, I got it through that. I really hope the publisher approves you because I know how much you love the series. 💕

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  4. I’m highkey sad that you didn’t get enough nominations but let’s not go there…
    One day I’m going to re read Dare Mighty Things so that you and I can buddy read One Giant Leap 😍

    1. Ah that’s okay because I got through to the voting round anyway! Might also be because I’ve stopped blog hopping. 😔 Ooh, do it soon! I have the audiobook lined up – probably in October or November. Don’t want to give too much of a gap and forget everything. 🙈

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