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The Mango Book Tag (Original) - Novels and Nebulas

The Mango Book Tag (Original)

Summer is in full swing here and that means mango season has finally arrived! This post was inspired by The Tiger at Midnight series by Swati Teerdhala. The main character, Esha, loves mangoes and that was one of the aspects that helped me relate to the book because the attachment between Indians and mangoes runs very deep. Today I’m bringing you prompts based on mango varieties from South India and some mango dishes that evoke a sense of nostalgia. This is a very personal tag as it represents the culture I grew up in and I hope I can get that sentiment across. Without further ado, let’s dive into the mango book tag!

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The Finished Books Tag: How I Read & Review Books - Novels and Nebulas

The Finished Books Tag

I was looking for a tag to do for today’s post and I felt so lucky when Sahi @ My World of Books tagged me for The Finished Books Tag. This tag was created by the channel owner of Headless Books, but the video is not up anymore, unfortunately. I highly suggest you check out Sahi’s post for the questions because I tweaked a few of them for readability. This tag felt perfect to me because I didn’t want to do another picking books kind of tag. I feel like my answers have become repetitive for those and I wanted to freshen things up. Without further ado, let’s get on to the questions!

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Of Curses and Kisses Book Tag - Novels and Nebulas

Of Curses and Kisses Book Tag

Do you find a way to talk about your favourite authors at all possible times? I’m definitely that kind of person. Book tags are some of the easiest and most fun blog posts and, for February, the month of love, I’m doing the tag based on Of Curses and Kisses, the latest by Sandhya Menon. If you know what I thought of the book, take a look here. These amazing prompts were the brainchild of Rachael @ Scorpio Book Dreams and I was tagged by the lovely Charvi @ Not Just Fiction for this. Let’s get on with my picks for the prompts and see if you can spot any favourites!

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