4th Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards: Nominations

4th Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards: Nominations - Novels and Nebulas

I’ve been putting off writing this post for far too long but it’s finally here. I had a very hard time selecting my favourites as my blog hopping has dropped drastically in the past year. However, that just means I’ve become bad at commenting and liking but haven’t actually stopped reading posts. Before I spiral into a pit of shame and guilt, let me quickly walk you through my nominees who absolutely deserve every award in every category! Let’s celebrate some lovely book bloggers in my 4th Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards nominations post.

Best of Their Age

Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger

Charvi @ Not Just Fiction

Charvi @ Not Just Fiction - Best Teen Book Blogger (4th Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards)

Charvi is one of my best friends both online and outside of the blogging sphere – more like a better, younger version of myself. I love seeing her expand her blogging repertoire since last year by adding in posts about psychology and her college experiences. She’s also very friendly, champions diversity and her passion shines through in everything she does.

Recent Favourite Post: I’ll Be The One (Read the Rainbow Spotlight)

Best Adult Book Blogger

Kal @ Reader Voracious

Kal is well-known for her in-depth guides and I’m not exaggerating when I say her book blogging spreadsheet has revolutionised my blogging life. She was also my guide when I went self-hosted this year and she’s someone who is very approachable in the community. She also runs a variety of projects to help others out, such as the Flapping Pages initiative.

Recent Favourite Post: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (ARC Review)

Best Genre Bloggers

Young Adult

Thya @ Wilted Pages

I was very particular to choose a teen for this category and Thya immediately came to mind. She is a very creative soul and a fellow Percy Jackson fan. Just like my other nominees, she cares about diversity and always uses her platform to advocate for it.

Thya @ Wilted Pages - Best Young Adult Blogger

Recent Favourite Post: Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron Review

Middle Grade or Younger

Jenna @ Falling Letters

Jenna is my go-to person for middle grade recommendations and reviews. She is also one of the kindest souls who remembered my love for Aru Shah and the End of Time and sent an ARC for the second book all the way from Canada! She’s also been a judge for the Cybils award for the past few years, which cements her position as the MG authority.

Recent Favourite Post: Most Anticipated Releases For The Second Half Of 2020

New Adult / General Adult

Fadwa @ Word Wonders

Fadwa @ Word Wonders - Best New Adult / General Adult Blogger (4th Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards)

Fadwa is not only an accomplished blogger but is making waves in the BookTube community and somehow finds time to be a star on Bookstgram too. She goes above and beyond to support marginalized authors and is a huge inspiration as an international blogger. Lately, her content has been moving away from YA and she’s reading a lot more romance and adult fantasy, which I’m really enjoying.

Recent Favourite Post: Interview With V. E. Schwab

Science Fiction / Fantasy

Rain @ Book Dragonism

Rain is one of the most beloved members of the book community and my favourite person to scream about fantasy with. I’m so glad she started posting again so I could nominate her amazing blog for the awards this year. She has a wonderful blogging voice and recommends a ton of diverse fantasy books, so definitely give her blog a follow!

Recent Favourite Post: Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles || ARC Review

Literary Fiction / Classics / Poetry

Shruti @ This Is Lit

Just like Charvi, Shruti is a wonderful blogger I’m close to personally as well. She reads a wide range of genres but loves the classics, especially Jane Austen. Her posts are hilarious and I really like reading her views in the Problematic Faves category on her blog.

Shruti @ This is Lit - Best Literary Fiction / Classics / Poetry Blogger

Recent Favourite Post: One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London (Book Review)

Best of Book Blogging

Best Book Reviews

Ikram @ Readlogy

Ikram @ Readlogy - Best Book Reviews (4th Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards)

I was introduced to Ikram’s blog fairly recently but her reviews have completely stolen my heart. She’s also someone who goes hard for diverse books and most of her reviews are for diverse YA lit. I especially admire her style because I know English is not her first language and I’m sure there’s a lot of effort that goes into each of them.

Recent Favourite Post: Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust (Book Review)

Best Book Recommendations

Michelle @ Magical Reads

Even though we all like to believe the delicious lie that we have our TBRs under control, we are always hunting for more book recs and Michelle’s blog has something for everyone. Her recs posts are very creative and she reads a wide range of books, with a special emphasis on diverse books. Her social media handles are also a joy to follow!

Recent Favourite Post: Pick an Emoji and I’ll Rec You a 2020 Release (pt. 3)

Best Discussion Posts

Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea

I have a feeling Caitlin is going to be a popular choice for this category because she conveys her opinions very clearly in her discussion posts. She also engages with everyone in the comments section of her post, which is what makes it a true discussion. I also admire her blog aesthetic and writing voice, so she’s definitely a favourite in my book.

Recent Favourite Post: Reacting to Book Twitter’s Unpopular Opinions

Best Blog Aesthetic

CW, Joce & Skye @ The Quiet Pond

The fact that I wanted to nominate The Quiet Pond for every award speaks volumes about how much I love this space. Everything from the colours to the cute Pond inhabitants we get to meet in every post sparks joy. I personally find it to be a relaxing and comforting space with excellent content and expert storytelling.

Recent Favourite Post: Our Friend is Here! Pride Month Edition – A Discussion with Joel

Best Blogging / Writing Voice

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

Another blogger who deserves all of the awards and is the sweetest person I’ve met in this community. While I enjoy many different kinds of writing voices intellectually, Marie’s wholesome words speak directly to my heart and I find it to be the most impactful kind of writing. Her posts are proof that she’s very passionate about book blogging and she puts a lot of effort into uplifting others’ voices as well.

Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books - Best Blogging / Writing Voice

Recent Favourite Post: Trigger Warnings in Books and Why They Matter to Me


Most Helpful

Kat @ Novels and Waffles

Kat @ Novels and Waffles - Most Helpful Blogger (4th Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards)

Every time I visit Kat’s blog, I have a big, goofy grin on my face because it’s such a cheerful place from the aesthetic to the posts. She’s the go-to person for anything graphics-related and she has a ton of tutorials on that, including a whole series dedicated to it that ran in the last week of January – Blogiful Blog Design Week 2020 – with Tracy @ Truffle’s Literary Wonders. I found her design tips and other posts super helpful while deciding the look and branding of Novels and Nebulas.

Recent Favourite Post: How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts in 5 Easy Steps

Most Supportive

Etinosa @ Uwadis

Between getting more people to follow this blog and coaxing Etinosa out of hiatus, I’m spread thin, alright? Her website looks stunning and I love her commitment to support African voices in the community. She’s been my #1 cheerleader and she is ever-ready to lend a helping hand to anyone and everyone.

Etinosa @ Uwadis - Most Supportive Blogger

Recent Favourite Post: Fun Bookish Things You Can Do At Home

Most Engaged in the Community

Sahi @ My World of Books

Sahi is one of the most active bloggers in the community but I hate that she’s not getting the recognition she deserves because she has a minimal social media presence. She not only posts A+ content on her blog but takes the time to blog hop and leave thoughtful comments regularly. She’s the top commenter on my blog and she’s never failed to show up whenever I needed a friend.

Recent Favourite Post: Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi (Book Review)

Most Creative (creative / original posts)

Divine @ Rea(D)ivine

Divine has some really interesting ideas that she turns into very well-articulated blog posts. Besides the regular TBRs, wrap-ups and reviews, she has the most unique discussion posts and reflections on bookish topics that need to be talked about more. She also puts her own spin on the regular types of posts, such as her Tarot-based reader personality post, which blew my mind.

Recent Favourite Post: Why The Act of Reading Does Not Absolve Anyone of Atrocity

Best Social Media Influencer

Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages

Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages - Best Social Media Influencer (4th Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards)

Sim is another close friend who I look up to because she’s so dedicated to blogging despite the pandemic, working from home, taking care of a toddler and all the million small things that come with it. She also has a beautiful Bookstagram feed, where she started a new theme to die for. She continuously boosts diverse books, important information and other bloggers on her social media platforms.

Recent Favourite Post: The Mango Book Tag

Best Personality

Kate @ Your Tita Kate

I’m fully aware that I’m an adult and that she’s only a couple of years older but I want to be like Kate when I grow up, okay? She gets everything done like a boss – blogging, BookTube, Bookstagram – while handling a full-time job. Most importantly, she is not afraid to call people out when necessary, boost others’ voices, is vocal on her platform about issues around the world and sticks up for what’s right every single time, so I feel privileged to call her a friend.

Kate @ Your Tita Kate - Best Personality

Recent Favourite Post: How to Balance Blogging and Working From Home

Friendliest Member of the Community

Fanna @ Fannatality

Fanna @ Fannatality - Friendliest Member of the Community (4th Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards)

Fanna, true to her name, has such a ‘fun’ personality that you can’t help but be friends with her. Her blog has the most gorgeous design, where she posts amazing content, and is very active across all her platforms, so you can say hi anytime. Her drive to look for good diverse representation is apparent in everything she does, including the South Asian Reading Challenge that I helped her out with this year.

Recent Favourite Post: Q/A with Phil Stamper – Author of The Gravity of Us

Best at Promoting Diverse Books

Krisha @ Bookathon

Every single blogger in my nominations list works hard to promote diverse books but Krisha takes the cake for this one. She constantly looks for underhyped titles to boost on her social media and blog, so she’s my #1 source for getting to know about new releases that interest me. Woven in Books, a new guest post feature on her blog this year, seeks to highlight diverse books, bloggers and authors and every single post has been great so far!

Krisha @ Bookathon - Best at Promoting Diverse Books

Recent Favourite Post: Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters as My Favourite Bookish Characters

Most Importantly

Best New Book Blogger

Shāfiya @ The Djinn Reader

I’m so glad they launched an exclusive space this year to talk about books with a special focus on #OwnVoices Asian literature, which I’m also passionate about. They are a wonderful human who perseveres through everything life throws at them to come out on top and a true inspiration for me. I’m constantly in awe that they successfully run two blogs and curate a charming blue-themed Bookstagram in addition to being a student, a cat-owner and video game aficionado.

Recent Favourite Post: The Best Books of 2020 Part 1 – January to June

Best Overall Book Blogger

Lili @ Utopia State of Mind

Lili @ Utopia State of Mind - Best Overall Book Blogger (4th Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards)

Admit it, we all want to know the secret to having a stunning blog, getting all the latest ARCs and sporting killer makeup looks, which Lili manges effortlessly on a daily basis. She also runs the Backlist Bookworms book club with Vicky and uses her platform to hype up diverse books, especially with Asian representation. She’s also super friendly, hard-working, juggles multiple platforms, reads an insane number of books in a month and is an all-round exceptional human who 300% deserves this award.

Recent Favourite Post: June Wrap Up

One last thing before I wrap up this post – please remember that your blog and work is very much valued even if you didn’t get nominated for any award. Also, huge thanks to everyone who nominated me! If you are considering my name, I’m eligible for –

  • Best of Their Age – Best Adult Book Blogger
  • Best Genre Bloggers – Science Fiction / Fantasy
  • Most Importantly – Best Overall Book Blogger

Every other category under Best of Book Blogging and Miscellaneous is open too, of course! If you’d like to check out some of my work before making a decision, here are my 3 favourite posts –

Who are your favourite book bloggers? Are you taking part in the 4th Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards? Which blogger do you think is the best at promoting diverse books? Let me know in the comments section down below. Have a stellar weekend, readers from Earth!

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4th Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards: Nominations - Novels and Nebulas

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    1. The nominations are bribes to get you to come back. I’m sure you’re so tempted now. 😂 Please take your time, Sim. We miss you but we love you and your little sweetheart more. 💕

  1. I love your dedication Dini !!!! And thank you so much for thinking of me here because I can’t imagine being in the same list as everyone else, they are all so amazing and accomplished 😭😭😭

    1. Sahi, stop underestimating yourself! You deserve to be here and also win one of these shiny awards because you’re THAT good, okay? The world needs to stop sleeping on your blog! 😤

  2. Dini, thank you so much for your kind words!!! I’m looking forward to screaming about more fantasy books with you as well as buddy reading some of them. You’re a light in this community ilysm 😭💖

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    1. Your comment honestly made my day, Caitlin! Thank you so much! 💖 You’re doing well so already, I’m so happy to see that your blog has hit that exponential growth part and I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for your readers. I’m especially looking forward to the intro to book blogs and how to support them post! 💕

  4. oh my god 😭💖 thank you so, so much for nominating me, I’m just speechless and so happy that you enjoy my work and can feel my writing like that, too, thank you so much!! 😭💖 this is such a stunning selection of book bloggers! Thank you so much for supporting book bloggers’ work 💖

  5. Hallo, Hallo!!

    I’m travelling through a blogroll of book bloggers who’ve been sharing their nominations this year – adding their links to the bottom of my nomination post, as well! This is the first year I’ve been able to nominate bloggers as well as becoming a double-nominee myself. It has been serendipitously humbling and I am loving being able to travel to new book blogger’s blogs – see whom their speaking about and visiting the bloggers on their own lists! Makes the community come together in the best possible way.

    I see quite a few bloggers we’ve mutually found – which is wicked wonderful – the rest I am going to get to know for the first time, thank you for making it such a welcoming list to read.

    You can read my nominations and see if we share any mutuals?

    1. Hello Jorie! I’m glad you found my blog through the award nominations and thank you for leaving a comment! 😊 I hope you enjoy the content here and become a regular reader. I’ll check out your nominations and your blog as well shortly. Thanks for stopping by! 💕

  6. OH MY GOODNESS, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH! Your nomination for ‘Most Helpful’ means the world to me! I’m so happy to hear that my rambling tutorials have been helpful to you! I’m honestly just one big puddle of happy emotions right now, so thank you! (Excuse me while I say ‘thank you’ an embarrassing amount of times.)But yes, anyways, this made my week so much brighter 🙂

    1. I’m so happy to see you happy, haha! It’s fully deserved though. I’m such a better blogger now thanks to all the help you provide. 💕 And also slightly starstruck at your gorgeous Bookstagram. I want mine to be like that someday. 🥺

  7. Sahi, super happy to see your name here and you deserve it. You all seem really wonderful. Kudos for bringing us closer to the world of books!! ❤️❤️

  8. Nandini, thank-you so much! 😭 I’m catching up on the nomination posts I missed while I’ve been on hiatus and it’s a bit overwhelming (in a good way) to read all these kind words. I don’t get physical ARCs often but I’m so happy I was able to connect you with that one ☺️ Thanks again, it really makes my day (more like month, haha) to receive your nomination.

  9. 😭😭😭 NANDINI, thank you so much for the nomination and super kind (and maybe not true???) words *awkward whale noises* I’m so happy that the blogging spreadsheet is helpful to you and I’m always happy to chat xoxo ily

    1. They’re all true! You are amazing and deserve the world! Congrats on making it through in the Most Helpful category because you’re the first person I think of if I need help. 💖

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